Killing Honour

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Publisher: Corgi Children's

Soon after Sat’s sister Jas marries Taz Atwal, she disappears. Wealthy, crooked, druggy, abusive Taz shows her father lewd Facebook messages from Jas to Azhar Khan as evidence that she has run away from their arranged marriage. Sat’s parents are destroyed, their Sikh honour in tatters. But when Sat discovers that Taz’s brother’s wife also disappeared, he is convinced that Jas has been murdered. Abandoning his schoolwork and his first girlfriend, Sat decides to prove his beloved sister has been killed.

A blood-curdling murder story set in Leicester’s Asian community where family honour seems sometimes to count for more than family love. Vivid scenes of sexual and violent assault make this a thought-provoking, unsettling book for mature teens.

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