Kill All Enemies

Publisher: Penguin

14-year-old Billie is struggling to control her violence, constantly between foster homes and the PRU. Bringing up a family on her own with an alcoholic mother has made an impact and no one wants her now – not even her own mother, but her care worker is trying to help out.

Rob is over-weight, bullied and beaten by class mates and his step-father, his mother has walked out and he has to look after his younger brother. Only food and Metallica helps him get through the day.

Chris hates school and doesn’t see the point of an education, he’d much rather be out with his mates. But he’s from a nice middle class family who want him to do well.

Based on real life stories, this hard-hitting novel explores three young people’s lives and their relationships with their families, friends and teachers, some destructive and some supportive. There are always two sides to every story – who is making the rules, the young people or the adults?

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