Kid Christmas (of the Claus Brothers Toy Shop)

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Witness the birth of the Father Christmas legend as you haven’t seen it before in this magical and heartfelt picture book.

Young Nicky Claus works with his three uncles in the Claus Brothers Toyshop. Every child in the city wants a Claus Brothers’ toy – each is made with love and a dash of magic. But not every child is lucky enough to own a special toy. One Christmas Eve, Nicky spots a girl gazing through the shop window and follows her. In a dark tunnel room lit by jars of fireflies, he is shocked to discover a group of children who are living there with very little. They definitely can’t afford any toys.

So, Nicky vows to deliver a gift to every child in the city to spread a little happiness, even if just for a day. Off he sets in his Yule 3000 sleigh, hoping to deliver a special toy to every child. But it’s not long before Nicky finds himself stuck, first in a chimney and then when his reindeer won’t move (they need more carrots to see in the dark!). It will take a little help from his new friends – and a touch of real-life magic – to guide Nicky back on his way…

David Litchfield’s rich and distinctive illustrations bring warmth and atmosphere to this story about kindness, compassion, and friendship. A charming and refreshing take on classic Father Christmas tales which makes children the real heroes of Christmas Eve.

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