Kicked Out

Publisher: Old Barn Books

Ali loves hanging out with his mates Mark, Sami and Aadam, especially since Mark’s mum won the lottery and bought a fancy mansion in a posh part of Manchester, complete with indoor pool. However, when Mark’s stepdad accuses Aadam of stealing, the friends are kicked out of the house and banned from seeing Mark.

The boys are desperately worried about Aadam, as his asylum application has been rejected and he may be deported to Syria. They decide to organise a fundraising football event to pay Aadam’s legal fees so he can appeal, but can they raise enough? Meanwhile, Ali’s dad, who left to start a new family, is back. Ali feels angry, hurt and confused, especially when he learns that his half-brother has just started at his school.

This gripping sequel to Boy, Everywhere – which charted Sami and Aadam’s journey from Syria to the UK – also works well as a standalone novel. Regular teenage concerns are interwoven with challenging themes of the British asylum system, racism, parental separation and bullying. A powerful and thought-provoking read, with hope and friendship at its heart.

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