Kerb-Stain Boys: The Crongton Broadway Robbery

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Briggsy (AKA Capleton), his best friend Terror and the love of Terror’s life, Caldonia, are 14 year olds living on the wrong side of the tracks in South Crong: the fictional location, which feels something like south London, where all Alex Wheatle’s books for teenagers are set.

When Caldonia points out the boys' lives don’t seem to be going places, their vague fantasy of robbing a post office is chivvied into reality. The plans descend into pure farce, including painted Star Wars toy blasters as their heist weapons! 

This book is a blast of fresh air and will appeal to all types of teenagers, from the booky to absolute reluctants (Barrington Stoke’s dyslexic sensitive publishing standards also help here).

The humorous cusses bandied about by the main characters are like a book version of a rap battle, and as always with Alex Wheatle’s writing, there’s a core of morality and exploring the real feelings of teenagers honestly.

Drug references and swearing give this book a 12+ recommendation.

A hilarious, thrilling and ultimately uplifting read.

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