Kay's Anatomy: A Complete Guide to the Human Body

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Publisher: Penguin

The human body’s weird and wonderful secrets revealed! Did you know blood cells are made in your bones? Or that your brain can process 400 billion things a second? Ever wondered why your stomach rumbles or why you get the sensation of ‘pins and needles’? Written by a former doctor, Kay’s Anatomy covers human biology in a jokey style full of one-liners and packed with fascinating (and sometimes disgusting) facts.

Accompanied by cartoon-style illustrations, all the major parts of the body are covered: what they do and how they work, from the biggest organ down to our microscopic DNA – including all the sticky, smelly bits! Alongside bodily functions, genes and germs, author Adam Kay also dispels common myths about the body and answers frequently asked questions. Common diseases are covered, how things sometimes go wrong and what happens then, and Kay also briefly explains puberty in a light-hearted but empathetic way.

With an approach a little similar to the Horrible Science books, whilst many books about human biology are aimed at younger readers, this book offers older children and teenagers information about the human body at a more advanced level.

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