Fritz and Kurt

Publisher: Puffin

Before and during the Second World War in the middle of the 20th century, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler formulated a plan to get rid of people who were ‘different’.

This is the true story of how one family was torn apart by an inhumane regime.

Being Jewish, the Kleinmann family were hated by the Nazis. Older brother Fritz and his father were sent away to a brutal prison camp where they lived with cruelty and suffering every day. Then, when Papa was sent to an extermination camp, Fritz chose to go with him rather than be parted from him.

Meanwhile, younger brother Kurt was shipped to the other side of the world to escape the carnage.

In an introduction, the author sets the story of Fritz and Kurt in its historical context, explaining what the Holocaust was, how it came about and who was affected. There are also notes for parents, guardians and teachers who may wish to understand how the story is being presented.

Although the subject matter is harrowing, the story has been specially adapted for young readers and is a testament to love and the strength of the human spirit, as well as a warning to future generations.

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