Publisher: Pushkin

In a not-too-distant future, antibiotic resistance is so extensive that life is lived in physical isolation with little face to face contact. Learning, work, shopping and socialising are done online and huge tech companies seem to run the world.

While her home life is happy, Jess is constantly worried about her sister’s health. Chloe needs regular medication but the cost seems to be spiralling.

When, at 14, Jess is finally able to go to school for the first time, she misses Chloe dreadfully. And, when she finds out there has been yet another hike in the price of her meds, decides to use her coding skills in an effort to help.

Although she knows hacking classified databases is risky, Jess is unprepared for what she discovers and for the shocking consequences that follow.

A timely and thrilling adventure based around our digital identities and the ways in which global technology giants can manipulate every aspect of our lives - and even reality itself.

Jess and her peers learn some hard lessons about friendship, trust and standing up for what they know to be right. And for the right to be different and follow their own path. 

Insightful and provocative.

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