Just Like Grandpa Jazz

Publisher: Owlet Press

Frank loves his grandpa, and they both love stories. Grandpa Jazz is excellent at telling stories, especially about Mauritius, where he grew up. While Frank is helping him pack for a trip back there, Grandpa tells him about the volcano he almost fell into, and the French doctor who had a skull in his office. Then he talks about the boat he came to the UK on – and how he had to use different dining rooms and cabins from white people. Frank is sad to realise that if he’d been on the ship too – with his white skin and blue eyes – they wouldn’t have been together.

Luckily, times have changed, and when Frank and his mother take Grandpa Jazz to the airport, there’s a wonderful surprise for Frank. As his mum says, he and Grandpa Jazz are just like each other, and together they have so much fun!

This is a warm hug of a book, showing that family can look very different, but love is the most important bond. Frank is a mixed-race child who delights in the silly stories and mischief that his grandpa brings to their relationship. There is a page at the back on migration, with suggestions for conversations about your own family.

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