Jill and Lion

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Jill is reading one of her favourite books with her best friend Dog by her side, but it’s a sad story: the Ringmaster has stolen Lion from his home in the jungle and made him drive around in tiny circles in the circus without his crown. Without any hesitation, Jill swings straight into the book, focused on getting Lion his crown back so that he can be King of the Jungle again.

Plummeting and racing along perilous paths, Jill, Dog and the Lion steal back the crown and ride the circus train to the jungle - but when a mighty gust of wind blows, the crown is lost. Fortunately, Jill can help Lion realise that he doesn’t need his crown to be the star of his own new story.

Jill and Lion is the follow-up tale to the equally stylish and retro-styled Jill and Dragon and is another wonderfully immersive tale of friendship, illustrated in Barnes’ characteristic super-colourful 70s style.

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