Mr Tweed's Busy Day

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Mr Tweed, a top-hatted and very helpful dog, sets out for his daily walk into town. But all along the way, his friends need his help to find things they've lost: a kite, five arrows lost in the woods, nine balloons lost at the fair. Fear not, though: Mr Tweed's good deeds aren't forgotten, and his friends throw him a party (with ten presents) at the end.

This is a seek and find, Where's Wally style-book, where readers help Mr Tweed find items on ten densely illustrated double-page spreads. However, unlike Where's Wally, there's a story and characters here too that focus on the theme of helping and friendship.

Jim Stoten's illustration uses a bright 1970s cartoon aesthetic and his animal characters have a likeable strangeness about them. Reluctant readers will love the seek and find activity, and it's a great book for train journeys and to dip in and out of at any time.

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