Hurry Up and Slow Down

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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Hare is always full of energy and likes to do everything quickly. Tortoise moves more slowly and struggles to keep up. So when it's time for Hare to go to bed, Tortoise looks forward to a much-needed rest with a cup of chamomile tea - but first he has to read Hare his bedtime story. Now the animals' roles are reversed, as it's Tortoise who wants to speed through the book, and Hare who wants to take as long as possible, and linger over every picture.

Toddlers are sure to be entertained by this gentle reintepretation of the familiar fable of 'The Hare and the Tortoise'. Layn Marlow's soft illustrations create a cosy, comforting feel, and both adults and children will enjoy the parallels between the story of Hare and Tortoise and their own experiences, even as they share this book together.

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