Hugless Douglas Goes to School

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Douglas is very excited when he sets off with the walking bus to Little School for his first day. His teacher Miss Moo-Hoo is very nice and is impressed with Douglas when he helps the other children. Douglas loves being helpful and decides to show Miss Moo-Hoo what his favourite activity is when she asks everyone in the class. Douglas demonstrates his best hugs and everyone enjoys having a go. The rest of the day is full of fun with painting and building. Douglas gets a chance to be helpful again and best of all, he makes a new friend.

School-starters will love that cuddly Douglas is off to school just like them. Being helpful is a good lesson to remember and it's nice to see a big character who is celebrated for being kind and friendly instead of clumsy.

David Melling's bright illustrations are a delight and the signature end page with the smaller illustrations is a joy in every book featuring this loveable bear. Hugless Douglas is a lovely series and it's great to see him in these significant situations that are so pivotal to his little fans. Lovely!

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