How Winston Came Home for Christmas

Publisher: Macmillan

Winston, a mouse, is very happy because it’s his most favourite time of year – Christmas! Which is the perfect time to have a job as a Very Keen Helper-Outer in his beloved owner Oliver’s toy shop. Yet, when Winston half remembers someone who was once very close to him, he gets the funny feeling that they might need his help – whoever they are.

Setting off on a mission to find the source of this memory, Winston travels the world with his friends – making some brilliant ones along the way – to discover some very special mice indeed.

A book in 24-and-a-half chapters, designed to be begun on 1 December and completed on Christmas Day itself, How Winston Came Home for Christmas follows Alex T Smith’s previous story about Winston the mouse, How Winston Delivered Christmas, in another festive adventure.

Like the first book, each chapter of the story is followed by a festive creative activity (making popcorn strings, a stained glass window Christmas card, bunting and tips for making a cosy den, among others), which children can do in turn on the same day as reading a chapter, or drop in and out and do a few as the mood takes them.

Ideal for kids that love crafts, this is also a lovely Christmas story that mid-primary school aged children will really enjoy as it unfolds in the run-up to the big day.

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