How To Be Me

Publisher: Nosy Crow

It’s the school holidays but Lucas isn’t happy. Since Mum died, Dad is just so busy all the time: busy with work, busy cycling and busy with his new fiancée. Lucas is lonely and faces a summer with only his piano and his cats for company.

And just when he thinks things can’t get much worse, he discovers that Dad has signed him up for a four-week drama club. In a hall, full of weird people. That smells of feet.

But maybe a roomful of strangers is exactly what it will take for Lucas to open up and learn who he really is?

This engaging and sensitive exploration of the aftermath of bereavement and grief is funny and poignant in equal measure. Lucas and his dad simply don’t know how to talk about their loss so they end up ignoring it until external factors bring things to a head.

Although Lucas has almost everything money can buy, he is starkly aware that it can’t buy him happiness or friends. It takes being thrown into the chaotic milieu of a family short on cash but rich in love to find the key to self-worth, acceptance and contentment.

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