How To Be Cooler Than Cool

Publisher: Walker Books

Cat finds a pair of sunglasses at the playground and decides that they will make her super duper cool – with extra cool on top. Unfortunately, they don’t help her going-backwards-down-the-slide plan. Oops!

Next it’s Cockatoo’s turn at playing cool, but the sunglasses don’t help his cool dance along the seesaw, either. Pig has a similar problem. Ouch!

Yet when Chick suggests they all just have fun without expecting to be cool, everyone has a great time. Maybe the coolest thing you can do is actually just enjoy what you’re doing and not worry how you look. You betcha!

Taylor and Jullien’s joyful, zingy and high-colour graphic picture book is brilliant fun for reading together – the high contrast and thick black outlines as well as the nice clear font make it super accessible while being stylish and silly with plenty of great phrases to copy. There’s also a lovely message about enjoying yourself and not worrying what other people think.

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