How to Be a Bawse

Publisher: Penguin

A Bawse, in case you were wondering, is like a Boss - but someone that excels at life personally, as well as professionally. Lilly Singh is a phenomenally successful YouTuber also known as Superwoman, and that's a name rightly earned if this book is anything to go by.

Displaying the heart of a lion and a relentless supply of unapologetic determinism and grit, Lilly's how-to book is a collection of life lessons and coaching tips designed to help young people conquer life and work.

Split into four sections, the book applies Lilly's no-nonsense approach to getting the best out of yourself, your relationships and your passions, whether that be a career or a hobby. The tone is upbeat and feels particularly relevant to young entrepreneurs or those just entering the world of work. The overall message of strength, making your voice heard and not giving in to fears is a valuable one for girls, in particular.

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