How High the Moon

(3 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Puffin

In a small town in 1940s South Carolina, Ella has got some very exciting news. She'll be leaving her grandparents and cousin Henry behind, because her mother finally wants her to join her in the busy city of Boston.

But can the reality ever live up to Ella's dreams? How will she get used to a city that isn't segregated? Will she ever manage to uncover the truth about her father's identity?

And when her visit is unexpectedly cut short and she returns to South Carolina, how will she cope with the news that her cousin Myrna's sweetheart George is being charged with the murder of two little girls, even though they know he's innocent?

Inspired by the true story of George Stinney, the youngest ever American to be executed, How High the Moon is an ambitious novel weaving together family drama with a miscarriage of justice and the horrifying reality of the prejudice and racism faced by black and mixed race people.

Told from three different perspectives, it's not always an easy read - depictions of violence and lynchings feature – but author Karyn Parsons writes with sensitivity and heart to shape a tale that will stay with you.

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