Hotel of the Gods: Beware the Hellhound

Publisher: Orchard

Atlas Merryweather loves his family and his dad’s fish and chip shop but hates their crumby flat and the vicious bullies who makes his life a misery.

So he is both surprised and delighted when a flying courier delivers a scroll to his parents offering them jobs in a swanky hotel. They don’t remember applying but the website looks impressive so off they all go, ready for a new adventure.

At the Hotel of the Gods, Atlas can’t help noticing that the guests seem to be actual gods. Which is very exciting until he accidentally releases a terrifying hellhound from the basement.

Any fan of ancient myths will love this funny, accessible, fantasy story. All the deities are here; Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Chinese, Polynesian and more.

While Atlas’s parents seem oblivious to the bizarre goings-on – Mars and Thor having a (most unusual) tennis match, Maui playing pranks on anyone trying to use the pool, heavy metal-loving Hades trying to control the monsters in the Underworld – Atlas himself gets completely immersed in their world with hilarious consequences.

With incidental black and white illustrations and a diverse set of characters, this is a book with wide appeal.

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