Hotel Flamingo

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Publisher: Piccadilly Press

A glum bear and a sleepy-looking lemur greet Anna, the new owner of Hotel Flamingo. The new heiress is saddened to find the hotel looking run-down and empty; there have been no guests for years.

Anna is determined to bring back grandeur to Hotel Flamingo so it can once again be full of sunshine and life. She recruits new employees including a handywoman (Stella Giraffe), a feisty chef (Madame le Pig) and a bell boy (Squeak the mouse). The team work day and night until the hotel’s shine begins to return, but when a hotel inspector turns up, everything is thrown into doubt.

It’s the last chance for Hotel Flamingo and Anna calls on a flamboyant fleet of flamingos to put on the show of a lifetime.

Hotel Flamingo is a gentle hug of a book that's perfect for young boys and girls, and its adorable characters will put a smile on every child’s face. It’s a sweet story of working together, being optimistic and knowing anything is possible.

Nearly every page is adorned with Alex Milway’s beautifully chic drawings, making this a great chapter book for children who are comfortable with longer chapter books but still love illustrations to bring the story to life and break up the text.

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