Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Shiels Krane has it all organised: she's the Student Body Chair, in regular dialogue with Principal Manniberg about a variety of vital student matters, and in a comfortable relationship with predictable, soft-bodied Sheldon (with whom she always has the last word).

But, one day, Pyke flies into the playground, grabs long-distance runner Jocelyn Legault in his leathery wings, and everything changes - leading Shiels to face her most primal desires and, finally, reimagine herself and her life.

Shiels is a relatable, intelligent teen trying to cope with the chaos that Pyke brings into her organised world. The magic realism of Pyke-as-pterodactyl doesn't detract from a thoughtful and sensitive, beautifully written tale of fitting in and being left out - and of - the sometimes painful coming-of-age experience.

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