Hot Like Fire and Other Poems

Publisher: Bloomsbury

In this wonderful collection of well-crafted poems, some written in standard English, and some in dialect (which sound wonderful when read aloud), Valerie Bloom covers an amazing range of themes that children will enjoy and relate to, from difficulties with homework, or visits from relatives, to animals, death of pets, football and birthdays. Everything in a child’s world is brought to life.

Bloom also depicts the richness of daily life in Jamaica, which is bound to make practically every child want to visit the island for themselves.

Some of the most poignant poems touch on the difficult subject of slavery (for instance, "The Tall Ships"), and in these cases, Bloom is a sensitive and thoughtful teller of truth.

This edition of Valerie Bloom’s poetry is taken from two of her previous poetry volumes, The World Is Sweet and Hot Like Fire. Valerie’s poetry is aimed at children, but the humour and themes running through them have universal appeal.

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