Horror Heights: The Slime

(7 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Hachette

Connie is proud to be known as the ‘Queen of Slime’ at school and intends to keep it that way – even though her entire slime collection has now been confiscated by the teacher. Desperate to get a new slime to take to school next week, Connie resorts to making her own, using a recipe her dad gets off the internet. Things take a funny turn though: after she adds some unique, additional ingredients, Connie wakes up the next day to discover the slime – aka Big Yikes – is alive!

At first Big Yikes is a cute little thing that talks in half sentences, but over the following days it quickly evolves in something much bigger and more menacing, with rather a lot of sharp teeth and a rapidly expanding appetite. Between school, friendship troubles and keeping Big Yikes in check, Connie suddenly has a lot to deal with. Can she stay out of trouble AND stop Big Yikes from, well, eating her and everyone she loves?

Despite the title, this is more humour than horror – a funny tale about a science experiment gone wild and the everyday troubles of being a young teen. The underlying theme of figuring out that what makes you special isn’t always what you expect it to be is a nice extra touch.

Printed with a dyslexia friendly text.

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