Here Comes Lolo

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

Set in South Africa, this charming collection of four short stories about the everyday adventures of a young girl has broad appeal.

Each tale focuses on small but significant events in Lolo’s life: when she receives a gold star from the teacher, Lolo is overjoyed, but her happiness turns to disappointment when she loses it on the way home; eager to own the fabulous floppy hat she spots in a shop window, Lolo counts down the days until Mama can afford to buy it; the discovery of a lost ring in a crack on the pavement leads to a very special friendship; and Lolo is desperately worried when she notices her neighbour is mistreating his dog.

Lolo is a fun-loving, likeable character, whose experiences and dilemmas are typical of children her age. She considers the impact her actions have on others, making this a great book to promote discussion about emotions, empathy, kindness and friendship.

Ideal for newly independent readers to increase their confidence, each page is illustrated with characterful black-and-white illustrations that bring the stories to life.

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