Help: My Cat’s a Vlogging Superstar!

Publisher: Walker Books

Millie is the most sensible person she knows, so it’s obvious why everyone comes to her for advice. When Millie’s best friend Lauren is mortified by an Instagram post, Millie makes a vlog to cheer her up. But what Millie doesn’t expect is that her #Help vlog will become the target of Erin Breeler, the Queen of Instagram at her school.

It’s not enough that Erin has the cute new boy from Canada that Millie likes – Erin wants to be the only online star. Soon Millie finds her once sensible and comfortable life turned upside down with family drama, boy troubles and online bullying.

Known best as the author of My Mad Fat Diary, Rae Earl has a real talent for writing a charming and funny story that handles life problems particularly well. The reader will only wish that there was more of Millie’s rebel cat Dave throughout the story.

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