Hello, Hello

Publisher: Abrams & Chronicle

Say ‘Hello!’ to a whole host of familiar, and more unusual, animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures in a stunning picture book.

In this animal cornucopia, youngsters will delight in the hairy, scaly, stripy, spotty, spiky, gigantic and tiny as well as the showy, shy, beautiful and bendy. Basic rhyming text invites toddlers and pre-schoolers to introduce themselves to almost 100 different creatures with whom we share our planet.

Packed with colourful, collage-style illustrations, Hello Hello celebrates the diversity and beauty of the natural world with great humour.

At the end of the book is a visual key, which allows all the species included to be identified. This, together with the body of the book and the striking endplates, offers plenty of opportunity for discussion and interaction.

A compelling ecological message also reveals that the future of all the animals in the book is threatened by loss of habitat, poaching or climate change.

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