Hell and High Water

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Publisher: Walker Books

When Caleb comes across the bloated body of a drowned man on the beach, he is certain he knows who it is - but those around him, including the parson and wealthy local landowner, insist the man is a stranger.

Being young, parentless and of mixed heritage, Caleb is already viewed with suspicion so, as he tries to solve the mystery of the dead man, his only help comes from his cousin, Letty, who has her own reasons to dislike and distrust those in authority.

In their determination to pursue truth and justice, the pair expose a web of corruption and intrigue that goes deeper than they could have imagined and puts them, and those they love, in mortal danger.

Complex plotting and superb storytelling allow readers to identify with Caleb's sense of powerlessness in this historical thriller. The story is atmospheric and moving with some edge-of-seat dramatic moments.

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