Publisher: Pavillion

Edith loves doing handstands, although she's only just learned how.  Mondays was a good one, although it lasted just one second.  Tuesday's handstand was two seconds, until a worm surprised Edith; Wednesday's lasted three (disturbed by a buzzing bee).  A near-miss with a bird limited Thursday's to four seconds.

After five seconds on Friday (leaning against a tree, tickled by a spider) and six on Saturday (legs held by Daddy, who wanders off to weed and read the paper), Edith manages seven handstands in a row on Sunday - whilst eating a lolly!

There's a carefree confidence to this ingenious counting book, with various different counting methods.  Edith's voice is distinctive, curious and engaging, mirrored by the illustrations' adventurous, unusual use of line, colour and pattern.

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