Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood

Publisher: Penguin

Dragon is excited – and just a little scared – when he finds the Benjamin. Truly outlandish, the Benjamin has no wings, scales or tail and thinks dragons are make-believe story-stuff. But if a Benjamin doesn't fly, roar OR breathe fire, what exactly does it do?

Football, of course, and soon the dragons of Dragonwood Academy are masters of the game. But the Benjamin is homesick. Dragon accompanies him home – to much consternation – and is more than happy to return to familiar, still fanatically footballing, dragons!

The magical, delicately coloured, tendrilly illustrations gently highlight the differences between dragons and Benjamins, wittily exploring different page layouts. Although initially focussing on their differences, it's the things they share which underpin Dragon and Benjamin's unconventional friendship.

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