Greta Zargo and the Death Robots from Outer Space

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Greta Zargo, an orphan who lives on her own in an English country village (with scientific genius Aunt Tabitha) is desperate to become a famous journalist. Despite being sacked from the local newspaper for being slightly too overzealous, Greta is determined to win the coveted Prilchard-Spitzer Medal for Journalism by uncovering the ravenous cake thief at large in Upper Lowerbridge.

Meanwhile, space robots are roaming the universe, blowing up planets and collecting data for the Harknow-Bumfurly-Histlock Big Book of Galactic Facts, which nobody has ever read. Greta Zargo is the key to protecting planet Earth from this unfortunate fate, but she's too busy following cake crumbs to really notice.

A child-friendly The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy mashup with The Great British Bake Off – with some sleuthing thrown in – this is a hilariously silly joy of a book. Fans of books with copious footnotes won't be disappointed with the asides that add to the joke all the way through. 

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