Great Lives in Graphics: Cleopatra

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Publisher: Button Books

Did you know that Cleopatra was married to two of her little brothers? Or that she had one of them killed? Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised as she was born into one of the most ferocious families in history who had married their siblings and murdered parents, children, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives for generations.

Is it facts like these that make Cleopatra one of the most famous rulers in history – even though it’s over 2,000 years since she died? Well maybe, but she was remarkable in so many other ways and this strikingly visual infographic biography is an exciting way to find out everything you need to know.

Presented as a sturdy hardback, each colourful double page explores a different aspect of Cleopatra’s life, time, behaviour and historical context through pictures, text boxes, timelines, maps and diagrams that add energy, interest and humour to the basic facts.   

If reading about historical figures usually seems like hard work, this might be the book that changes your mind.

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