Grave Matter

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Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Samuel is crushed, heartbroken, grief-stricken.

Since Eliza died, his life has ground to a halt. He doesn’t know how to go on without her and would, quite literally, do anything to see her again. And that is how he gets caught up in the sinister rituals of an occult sect that promises to bring back his one true love.

But, as the saying goes, ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’, and Samuel’s pact with the dark side has consequences he cannot control and could never have imagined.

This beautifully presented novella is creepy, disturbing and genuinely chilling. Brilliantly portraying the ecstasy of first love and the trauma of loss and grief, it succeeds in being simultaneously gripping, entertaining and thought-provoking. With incidental black-and-white illustrations, this is a substantial and complex addition to any super-readable bookshelf.

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