Granny Came Here on the Empire Windrush

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Ava must dress up as someone she admires for a school project, but can’t decide who to be, so Granny offers to help. As they search for inspiration in Granny’s trunk of clothes, Ava is intrigued when she finds a small, cardboard suitcase, containing four objects: an empty jar, a pebble, a small blue hat and a pair of delicate lace gloves. Granny shares the precious memories evoked by these simple objects with Ava, recounting how she left Trinidad aboard the boat Empire Windrush to begin a new life in England.

This poignant tale explores the sacrifices and successes of the Windrush generation, with subtle references to the discrimination many encountered when they arrived in England. It is also a heart-warming celebration of the love between a child and her grandparent. Atmospheric, full-page illustrations combine emotive colour palettes with a wealth of detail, to provide a rich, visual narrative, which perfectly complements the thoughtful text. This edition features a link to a free audiobook, narrated by Trinidadian actress Martina Laird, with additional sound effects and prompts to turn the page; this will help children to embark on their independent reading journey and adds another layer to this exceptional picture book.

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