Grandmas from Mars

Publisher: Bloomsbury

When Fred and Nell’s parents go out for the evening, Grandma is left in charge. She has everything perfectly under control: from food and homework, to bath and bedtime. In fact, there are a multitude of highly organised grannies looking after their grandchildren throughout the town.

Meanwhile, aliens from Mars are keeping a close watch on these remarkable ladies. Realising the children do whatever their grandparents tell them, the Martians hatch a cunning plan. They will invade Earth disguised as grannies, so everyone will obey them and they can take over the world!

Fred and Nell quickly realise something is amiss when "Grandma" encourages them to eat junk food and stay up all night. Can the children find a way to save Earth from a Martian invasion and get their real grandmothers back?

The funny rhyming text is great for reading aloud and the accompanying illustrations are full of colour, humour and movement. A wonderfully wacky tale, which will remind children to appreciate their grandparents!

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