Publisher: Gecko Press

Look out! Three fearsome monsters are coming to gobble you up! And each is hairier and stinkier than the previous one. Luckily, there are some houses to hide in. First is the house of the three little pigs. Lift the tablecloth and open the cupboard door to find extra details. Then there’s a house of gingerbread to hide in, with more flaps to lift there. Finally, there’s an overgrown castle to sneak into, where everyone’s asleep. Can you spot who’s already hiding in the clock? And are you brave enough to stand up to the monsters?

This is a brilliantly interactive book, with 40 flaps to lift. Its large format makes it ideal to share in a class, though the details in the illustrations bear poring over at closer range. The fairy tale elements are easily recognisable and it’s fun to consider hiding in these characters’ houses. Ideal for the curious child and for those who might need convincing that books can be fun. It was originally published in French, and the fantastic translation includes a few stretch words, but it’s accessible and full of wit. This would be a welcome addition to a classroom or library, or bedroom. 

Mae yna dri bwystfil dychrynllyd yn dod i'ch llowcio chi... Cuddiwch! Yn gyntaf mae tŷ'r tri mochyn bach. Codwch y lliain bwrdd i weld manylion ychwanegol. Yna mae'r tŷ bara sinsir gyda mwy o fflapiau i'w codi. Yn olaf, mae yna gastell i sleifio i mewn iddo, lle mae pawb yn cysgu. Ond ydych chi'n ddigon dewr i herio'r bwystfilod?

Mae hwn yn llyfr stori tylwyth teg rhyngweithiol gwych gyda 40 fflap i'w codi. Mae ei fformat mawr yn ei wneud yn ddelfrydol i'w rannu, er bod y manylion yn werth edrych arnyn nhw'n agosach. Mae'r testun yn cynnwys ambell air ymestyn, ond mae'n llawn ffraethineb.

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