Goodly and Grave In a Bad Case of Kidnap

Publisher: Harper Collins

After being duped during an important round of poker, Lucy Goodly finds herself working for the grumpy Lord Grave at the rather unusual Grave Hall. All sorts of strange things are happening - certainly there are some questionable culinary experiments happening in the kitchen, but when a talking raven sets her straight about the dastardly deeds going on all around her, Lucy is determined to solve the mystery of the missing children that is dominating the headlines. Could she be sharing a roof with the culprit himself?

A nicely produced package with gloss detail on the cover and attractive interior illustrations from Becka Moor make this a tempting new series for young fans of mystery and intrigue. With an opening sequence that sets the bar high for a tale of the unexpected, Justine Windsor gives us a hardy heroine and a new series that will appeal to fans of Mariella Mystery and Sally Gardner's Wings & Co. books.

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