Good Dog, Bad Dog: Double Identity

Publisher: The Phoenix Presents

Kirk Bergman and Duncan McBoo are back in Double Identity. The dog detectives are on a cinematic case that gets them caught up in the movie business, when a famous actor starts getting threats in the mail.

The investigation sees them tear through film sets, mingle with movie directors and chow down on plenty of snacks. Muttropolis is full of dastardly mongrels, but with Bergman and McBoo playing 'Good Dog, Bad Dog', the villains won’t be safe for long!

Canine coppers and some shady dealings keep this action-packed comic moving along at a brilliant pace. Jokes and some slapstick-moments add laughs and the film noir feel will impress as many adults as it will younger readers. The text is short but stylish and it really is terrific fun.

Of particular use for middle-grade reluctant readers who will appreciate the cool setting and grown-up looking package. The Phoenix continues to showcase the best in contemporary comics.

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