Gold Medal Mysteries: Thief on the Track

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Hannah Walker has won the chance to be at the Tokyo Games with her dad and she's determined to make the most of every minute. She soon meets two other children who are evidently as sports-obsessed as she is, and before long the three new friends are cheering on their sporting heroes together.

However, alongside the drama on the running track, another kind of drama is occurring. A gold medal has been stolen from one of the members of the USA team. The three friends cannot resist embarking on a bit of amateur sleuthing – provided they can do it without missing any of the events, of course!

With freedom to travel around the Olympic site and the opportunity to innocently question their various suspects, can the trio solve the mystery and unmask the thief before the Games come to an end?

This is a fun adventure story with an accessible style of writing and plenty of gentle humour. The author's own career as Paralympic athlete sparkles through. A myriad of behind-the-scenes details of Olympic 'life' make for a fascinating and convincing backdrop to capture the imagination of any young reader, sports-mad or not.

Hannah has a limb difference, but refreshingly this is only referenced once, being of course irrelevant to her mystery-solving antics or love of sport. Her two trusty sidekicks bring their own back stories, families and personalities.

Expect lots of clues and red herrings for the reader to look out for – along with some mouth-watering descriptions of sushi!

A satisfying mystery, celebrating sport and friendship across the borders.

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