Ghost Knight

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Jon is miserable when he's packed off to an old-fashioned boarding school in Salisbury by his mum and her horrible new boyfriend 'the Beard'. But his new school isn't quite what he expected - in more ways than one.

In the school grounds, Jon is confronted by a terrifying and vengeful gang of ghosts, determined to murder him because of a long-ago feud with his ancestors. His fellow pupils are oblivious to what is going on and can't even see the ghosts that threaten him, but luckily, new friend Ella is at hand to help make sense of what is happening. Together, the two set about to stop the ghosts, uncovering an ancient murder, awakening a long-dead knight from restless slumber, and putting right some centuries-old wrongdoings along the way.

Bestselling author Cornelia Funke turns her hand to a classic ghost story in this engaging novel, translated from German  by Oliver Latsch. With lively central characters in Jon and Ella, and atmospheric black and white illustrations by Andrea Offermann scattered throughout the book, Ghost Knight is a satisfying and appealingly spooky tale that is ideal for the upper primary age group.

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