Geoffrey Gets the Jitters

Publisher: Puffin

Geoffrey is not OK. He has a peculiar flutter in his tummy, and a series of What Ifs in his head. What if he lost Big Dave? What if Barbara doesn’t like him any more? What if dinosaurs with laser-eyes stomp all over him? Geoffrey has the jitters and they’re out of control. All he wants to do is hide, but you can’t hide from your jitters. How can Geoffrey get rid of them?

Told with humour and great empathy, this picture book from the author-illustrator of Barbara Throws a Wobbler is both funny and helpful. Luckily, the jitters suggest techniques to get rid of themselves, and these will be useful to the reader as well as poor Geoffrey. Children will appreciate that, while his worries might be laughable, Geoffrey himself is never laughed at. He is a relatable character, from the same world as Barbara, and illustrated in the same friendly, accessible way.

Showing how worries can rapidly escalate, and providing tips on how to cope, this would be useful for sparking conversations about feelings, and anxiety in particular.

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