Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Publisher: Abrams

Sofia Valdez isn’t just a do-gooder: she’s a do-better, visiting people in her community who can’t get out much, or just stopping for a chat. Yet when her grandpa falls on a huge heap of landfill, Sofia begins a campaign to get rid of the rubbish and build a fabulous new park for the community instead. Can she do it alone? Thankfully, the local council and the community of Blue River Creek are on hand to help.

There is so much to adore in this fantastic new addition to the Questioneers series that began with Ada Twist, Scientist. First, the fact that Sofia Valdez – possibly, the future President – starts her political career with community action (so did Barack Obama), mobilising council and community to achieve one common aim.

Andrea Beaty’s brilliant rhyming text tells Sofia’s story flawlessly, and David Roberts' characters and imagery are completely stunning. The pages showing the detail of the landfill alone will keep readers glued to the page, but it’s the brilliance of Roberts’ diversity of characters that leap out at you. Every one of the townspeople are unique, and Sofia’s Abuelo (grandpa) is a delightful creation, with his tasselled suede jacket and CND cap. Just perfect.

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