Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Cliff the crocodile discovers a slinky frock and some fabulous peals and heels, and just has to try on the outfit. Twirling and strutting around, he feels utterly divine! 

But when the hyenas laugh at Cliff, he pretends he's just dressing up for a play. Of course, no play exists – so what is he to do?

Luckily, his friend Freddy the frog comes to the rescue and creates a show for Cliff to star in. But what will his fierce, motorbike-driving dad think of it all when he sees him?

This is a funny story with a serious side. Jeanne Willis' characteristic rhyming couplets keep things bouncy and moving along at a fast pace, while Stephanie Laberis' illustrations are teeming with riotous colour and splendour.

Of course, it's also a look at inclusion and acceptance and supporting your friends and family to be who they want to be. It does this with a light touch that captures perfectly the warm and love-centric logic at the heart of the story: 'My friend, why sit there worrying about "What if? What if?" '"What is" is all that matters, and "We are the way we are". You're YOU, no matter WHAT you wear and so is your Papa!'

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