Publisher: Walker Books

Cora lives happily with her granny in the woods in a house where a lamp always burns in a window, providing a light for Granny to find her way home when she goes out. Yet, when the ice spirit Frindleswydle snuffs out the light, Cora has little choice but to follow him into the wintry woodlands and try to defeat him by completing three impossible tasks.

However, even though she completes the tasks, Cora is still enchanted by Frindleswylde and joins him in his kingdom of ice where there are no feelings. Can Cora’s heart be melted, or is it too late for her?

With echoes of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale The Snow Queen, this perilous tale of icy magic is ideal for older readers who will appreciate its complexity, as for a picture book it’s rather longer than usual.

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