Friends are Amazing

Publisher: Scholastic

This cheerful picture book is a joyful celebration of friendship, exploring why friends are important and identifying some of the key qualities which make a truly great friend. Young readers will discover that good friends look out for one another, share what they have and laugh together. The book will help them to understand how to be a supportive friend, by being thoughtful and encouraging others to be brave and do their best. Children will love identifying the activities they enjoy with their own friends, from playing on the swings to drawing chalk pictures on the ground.

The vibrant illustrations are cheerful and dynamic, perfectly capturing the energy of children as they rush round and have fun. A range of ethnicities and disabilities are portrayed through the artwork, ensuring the book feels inclusive and appeals to a broad audience.

The book is testament to an amazing friendship between the remarkable 11-year-old authors, Hughie and Freddie. After Hughie was diagnosed with leukaemia, Freddie helped him to raise over £250,000 for the hospital where he was treated. A donation of 25 pence for every copy sold will be made to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity.

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