Frankie’s World

Publisher: Scholastic

Frankie has always felt different to everyone else. She finds it hard to pay attention in school and sometimes says random things that upset other people. She’s smaller than everyone else in her class and has to go to the doctor every week to be measured. Oh, and Nadine and Shauna, the two meanest girls in her class, call her a freak.

Thankfully, Frankie has two best friends at school, one of whom is a wheelchair user, and her Mam, who totally gets her. Unfortunately, Mam is often in and out of hospital because of a problem with her heart, and Frankie is left with her annoying little sister and staying at her grandparents’ house.

Still, when Frankie starts a karate class and discovers she quite likes it, it gives her some confidence, as does winning her class art competition. Perhaps life isn’t so bad after all. If only she could find her real dad and see if he’s anything like her…

This lovely, often funny, relatable and sensitive story about Frankie, a girl with autism, was inspired by the author Aoife Dooley’s own real life experiences. Readers will be cheering Frankie on as she deals with bullies, finds what she’s good at and comes to understand herself a little better: a great story about growing up and learning who you are.

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