Publisher: Bloomsbury

Delaney Maxwell died for 11 minutes and in those 11 minutes her whole life changed. When she is rescued from a freezing lake after falling through the ice no-one expects her to survive, much less recover, but Delaney wakes up and appears to be fine. However, in reality she is far from okay. Strange new urges pull her towards dying people and she seems uncontrollably drawn towards the dangerous Troy, who claims to understand her.

With her friends and family beginning to fear for her and, even worse, actually be afraid of her, Delaney has to decide how to use her new ‘gift’ before it destroys her. Perhaps the only person who can save her is the one person she refuses to let help.

This mysterious, dark tale looks at how death can teach us so much about life, love, friendship and what really matters. This exciting page turner will keep you guessing until the very end.

Please note there is swearing thourghout the book.

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