Forever Star

A quest to find a forever family

Publisher: Puffin

On a planet somewhere in space, a community of Tims work away making their planet a lovely place. Yet two of the Tims are sad: they really want to have a child of their own, and have so much love to give. So, they visit the Space Queen who gives them her blessing and sends them off to search for their perfect child.

As the Tims fly through space, they find a sparkly star which houses Miss Foster’s home, a place for children who don’t yet have a forever family. And when they meet little Jim, it’s a perfect match.

This sweet rhyming tale about a same-sex couple adopting a child is a lovely read for any family, but perhaps particularly ones with same-sex parents that may not always find their experience represented in picture books. The whimsical space theme provides a fantastical, fun context, but at it’s heart, this is a tale about love and a perfect read for parents who may have fostered or adopted to read with their children, helping to explain how their forever family came to be.

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