Publisher: Nosy Crow

Kara and Joe live in the flooded world of the shanties, which cling to the outside of the wall built to protect London when the sea level rose. They’re stuck in the middle between the privileged few inside the wall and the ruthless Mariners living out on the ocean.

It’s a dangerous life, and it’s about to get even more so: after a run-in with a Mariner, Joe finds himself in possession of a strange map and a coded message. What does it mean? What’s its importance – and why does everyone want to get their hands on it?

An action-packed, edge-of-the-seat thriller, FloodWorld follows Joe and Kara as they’re sucked into a twisting whirlpool of gangsters, pirates, corruption and power struggles. A dystopia with an environmental edge, there are also themes of good versus evil and the blurring of those boundaries: what level of sacrifice is acceptable if it’s for the greater good? And who gets to decide what the greater good is?

From underwater worlds to floating towns, and high-tech submarines to hidden doors and deserted underground stations, Kara and Joe must fight for their lives – and the lives of their community.

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