Flirty Dancing

(80 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Bloomsbury


They are the Ladybirds: Bea, Kat, Betty and Pearl, but somehow they've drifted apart. Pearl delights in tormenting Bea and when new teen talent show, Starwars, is announced, things get increasingly complicated.

Pearl and her gang become the Pink Ladies: Kat's invited, Bea's not. Devastated, Bea discovers her Nan's arranged dance lessons for her, and (horrors) her partner is Ollie Matthews; school heart-throb and Pearl's boyfriend. Could things get worse? As she and Ollie learn to jive, Bea's confidence grows and she begins to discover herself, but tensions rise as Starwars finals loom.

First of four books (one per Ladybird) this is smart, funny writing, engagingly balancing the serious stuff - bullying, first love, friendship - with the joy of lindy hop and aerial moves.

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