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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Orphaned Christina has only ever lived with suburban maiden aunts, so when she's invited to live deep in the countryside at Flambards with Uncle Russell and his sons, Mark and William, life changes utterly. Her cousins are different as chalk and cheese. Like his violent, drunken father, Mark adores hunting, and at Flambards, hunting and horses come before humans. Will hates it, dreaming of becoming a pilot. 

Christina falls in love; first with steady, reliable Dick, the groom who teachers her to ride - then with Will. As the once elegant house slides into decay and rumours of war increase, Christina must make some heart-breaking choices.

Christina tentatively discovers her adult identity in this unashamedly romantic, coming-of-age novel set just before the First World War.

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Author: Cora Harrison

Stuck in a crumbling old country house, the artistic and ambitious Derrington sisters yearn to go to London to experience the glitter and glamour of the Roaring Twenties.

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